Why Soy international?

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My name is Diana Quimbayo-Espinola and I’m the owner of Soy International. Welcome to my website, it is a privilege to have you read about Soy International.

For more than 6 years God has allowed me to make one of my biggest dreams come true... to offer Spanish learning programs to my community. I’m a professional teacher with a strong passion for what I’m doing and English is my second language I know how challenging it is to learn a new language! Due to my experience, I have developed a methodology to teach you the way I expect any teacher to teach me a language, with real case scenarios, meaningful conversation, and grammar so that at the end of our course you can increase your confidence when you are speaking another language. I teach with passion, professional skills and I am focused on your needs.

“Soy International” was created during a simple conversation with my family. One of the questions was: Are you international? My family said yes, I’m international = Soy International, and then we discovered that this is the best name that represents my personal goal for each of my students. To be international is to be open to learning a new language, culture, discover new environments, and make new friends.

I invite you to learn more about us through our students testimonials.

Muchas gracias, 

Diana Quimbayo-Espínola

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