Our Students


I want to thank you for all the progress that I have been able to achieve with your teachings and guidance. Your innovative methods of teaching Spanish have helped me learn more at a faster pace. The excellent materials and the video links/skype as well as the emails, texts and library books are all so helpful in improving my vocabulary as well as my grammar. Your teachings have improved my understanding of the spoken word. Your encouragement and positive attitude have helped me tremendously when I speak Spanish. It has been a privilege to study with you. Until I met you, I had doubts that I would ever feel comfortable with the Spanish language, but within a couple of weeks of studying with you, those doubts vanished. I look forward to continuing my studies with you. I feel that I have not only gained an excellent teacher but an excellent friend as well. If you should ever need a reference, please let me know. Diana, you have definitely made learning Spanish fun!! Thank you!! 

Linda Darling

March 2016



Taking Diana's Spanish class has been an AWESOME and REWARDING experience! Diana is a magnificent instructor. She not only keeps the class relaxed, interesting and fun, she also keeps us engaged by making it interactive as well...whether in the actual classroom setting or when she places us in a real world setting, i.e. a Mexican restaurant. I must admit...that was a very cool experience! I saw the benefits of Diana's class and wasted no time signing our two young sons up to begin with her as well. They love it! She keeps them equally engaged and excited about learning Spanish with her unique teaching style and techniques. Diana truly has a natural gift of being able to teach anyone...young or 'seasoned', one needing a 'refresher' or just starting out 'fresh'. 

Diana also has a genuine way of keeping her students encouraged. That's always a plus as we can be our very own worst critic. It's quite evident that she is very passionate about teaching. She sincerely wants her students to obtain success with Spanish as a second language...for social or professional settings. She works to prepare her students for it all. 

Diana inspires me to want to become as fluent as possible. I've always felt being bilingual is one of the greatest assets one can possess, and her class, her bilingual proficiency and expertise keep me motivated to achieve that goal. She has been a great inspiration, and I'm truly thankful to have discovered her class. I'd HIGHLY recommend Soy International to any and all who have a desire to broaden their horizons while having a little fun along the way!

Tenela Blackney

Nov 2018 


“Diana is a fantastic Spanish teacher, and I would highly recommend her.  She is very professional, prepared, and patient.  She has a lot of energy and a very engaging personality – which makes the learning process a lot more fun and a lot less stressful.  I was taking a new position in Mexico, and had very little Spanish experience.  We started from basically ground zero, and I was able to handle conversations within a few weeks.  She helped build the foundation for me to continue to learn and improve my Spanish skills as I made the transition to Mexico.  I can confidently recommend her for any level of Spanish teaching or tutoring.”

Jim Brisentine

Oct 2018


“Diana is very energetic and makes learning fun! Thanks to her I am starting to understand everyday speech in Spanish and I am able to respond in the language. I am excited to continue learning from her and becoming more fluent in this beautiful language!”

Brandy Young

October 2018


I can’t say enough about Soy International! I had been out of college nearly two years and my Spanish language skills were deteriorating quickly. I decided to try classes with Soy International and almost immediately noticed a positive change in all facets of my Spanish. After over a year with Soy International, my Spanish skills are the best they’ve ever been and it’s all thanks to Soy International!

Dalton Evans



My children have been taking Spanish from Diana for 3 years. They absolutely love her! She does an excellent job of using music and games to help them learn Spanish! She also is very flexible with her class times and during our lesson! My children are 3, 4, and 5 and Diana always finds away to keep their attention and engaged in their Spanish lesson! She is a fantastic teacher and we are blessed to have found her to teach are children Spanish!  Holly Jackson



If you want to learn to speak Spanish, I cannot think of a better place than in one of Diana's classes.  She has such a passion for teaching Spanish that she will work with you no matter what level you are at - beginner, intermediate, more advanced or  anywhere in between.  And the classes are FUN.  I have been taking weekly classes for about three years and so look forward to them every week.

Paul w Beebe



I have taken almost 8 sessions with Diana now via Skype. I had just begun refreshing my high school Spanish knowledge (from 8 years ago) mixed with a recent visit to Peru and Bolivia using google translate to communicate with friends. My vocabulary was elementary, speech ability was sub-elementary, and speech recognition was good enough to understand some of her while trying my hardest to understand. Within these 7 lessons Diana has me speaking in present and future tense (working some on future) fluid enough to have conversation and recognizing speech very well. She is a great teacher, will definitely challenge you to learn and push yourself, and I just can't say enough good things about her!!

Gracias por todo Diana!


Tony Sossong